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Business Corporate Events Aberdeen

Heathrow is located in Hillingdon Borough, London, and is the home of Heathrow Airport, the world’s busiest international airport. The next upcoming business events in London are:

  • ATS London 2015- 14th September 2015
  • The Technology Expo- October 5, 2015
  • Ecommerce Worldwide Summit – September 2015

There is no better way to get you to these places and events than with minibus hire in Heathrow. We are a Heathrow coach hire service, conveniently located next to the airport. Our website, is constantly updated to show you the latest service packages and available coaches for hire.
Here’s why you should choose us.


We are conveniently located next to if you are flying in from neighbouring cities like , Scotland, it will take you no time to locate our offices.

Availability and Flexibility

Our ever ready drivers will pick you up from wherever you are and take you to any destination. We value our time, and do the same with yours. We operate a time specific schedule that makes sure we do not delay our customers either on the road or when picking you up.
If you need an impulse detour for example, simply contact our office and it will be arranged.


In our fleet are the latest minibuses and coaches, from cosy 7- 8 seater minivans to spacious and ultra-comfortable over 40 seater coaches. In the mid-size category are the 14 to 24 seater minibuses.

World Class Service

If nothing else, this is one of our strongest points. We understand the nature of our business-to serve you.
Hire us today-whether you are a family seeking some fun in Heathrow or a group of friends seeking adventure. Head on to for the best bargains and exclusive discounts on hiring a minibus to take you to any of Heathrow’s most exciting annual events.